Liflexiberica has been supplying rolls and strips of flexible PVC for more than 20 years.

We supply Wavespan© flexible reinforced PVC, a thinner product toughened with internal nylon mesh, anywhere on the Iberian.

We also manufacture and supply strip door hanging assemblies. The system is patented in Spain (Patent No. 200402808) and its practical design is widely used in the market.


We have been supplying flexible PVC for more than 20 years.

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We offer our customers expert advice and guidance and quick service.

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We use high quality raw materials. Our European-manufactured flexible PVC complies with European Union quality standards. All components are certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for food contact.

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Flexible PVC (or polyvinyl chloride) is a chemical compound which, when mixed with other components, has qualities that make it suitable for numerous purposes. Extruded, flexible PVC is formed into the strips or rolls that we supply, available in different measurements, qualities and finishes.



Wavespan® consists of 0.5-mm-wide strips of lightweight flame retardant PVC with nylon reinforcement. Available in 152, 210 and 305 mm x 50 metre spools


(for other measurements, please contact us)

There are two versions

Wavespan 20 T: suitable for fridges (max. -4º)

Wavespan 35: suitable for freezers (max. -30º)

Wavespan© suspended strip curtain doors allow easy access for pedestrians and light loads, making them suitable for doorways to small coldstores, processing plants and fruit packaging units, bakers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, hospitals and on delivery vans and trucks.



These thicker strips (between 2 and 5 mm) of different widths (150 mm – 300 mm) come in 50 metres rolls. Flexible PVC is manufactured with different qualities (temperature + or storage, anti-static, antibacterial, fire-proof) and finishes (smooth, ridged, coloured).

Technical specifications of flexible PVC




Our strip curtain door system comprises a rail with a set of hooks on which the strips are hung to create the door. The strips are joined together by rivets and are hung independently from from the hooks at the top.

The technical specifications of this system are as follows:

1.It can be attached to the wall or ceiling

2. Any damaged strips can be replaced individually, quickly and easily without interfering with the rest of the curtain door.

3. Strips can be overlapped as desired (30%, 60% or even 100% of their width) for better insulation)

4. The system adapts easily to all types of guide rails, forming a compact unit.

Our guides and rails are made of “304” and “316” stainless steel and in 1.5 and 2 mm thick galvanised steel and in a range of measurements.


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